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Your Personal Brand Is Just as Important as Your Business Brand

So, you’re a founder and you’ve created a brand for your company that you’re proud of. But what about your personal brand? Many founders hide behind their company, but consumers are responding more than ever to founders who share their personal lives on social media, and it’s translating to sales. One report from the Impact Learning Center found that consumers are 82 percent more likely to trust a company if the CEO is active on social media, but as it stands now, only one in five CEOs use social media to connect with their consumers. 

While building trust is the core benefit of creating a robust personal brand, the implications ripples far beyond increased sellability. Here are four reasons why personal branding is critical for founders.

1. Personal brands differentiate products in saturated markets.

Kylie Jenners’s lip kits fly off shelves, Mark Wahlberg and his brothers's Wahlburgers franchise remains steadfastly popular, and Jessica Alba’s Honest Company is a top choice for safe family products. While these successes can certainly be credited to heightened exposure, there’s an element of trust in their brands that compels consumers to choose their lipsticks, burgers and baby products over others in the market. In a saturated market, consumer trust lies with personal brands that they know and follow. 

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