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Hong Kong can regain its tourism crown – if it moves with the times

The unprecedented disruption during the Covid-19 pandemic to how we travel has created an urgent need to rethink transport, accommodation and hospitality for all destinations involved in travel and tourism.

The tourism industry has historically been one of Hong Kong’s most important sources of income, contributing nearly five per cent of the city’s gross domestic product and providing numerous employment opportunities. However, the industry has suffered greatly recently due to the year-long protests that paralysed parts of the city, and the slow lifting of anti-epidemic measures that scared off potential visitors.

Reversing the damage done to Hong Kong’s tourism industry and enhancing its current poor image will take a long time and a lot of effort. That’s why we must act now to show the world what Hong Kong has to offer.

The Hong Kong government has recently paid much more attention to tourism, and that’s a positive development, but flashy promotions, slogans and giveaways are not enough.

To restore confidence, all businesses involved in the industry – airlines, travel agents, hotels, shops, major tourist attractions, conference and exhibition organisers, the media, and others – must enhance their hardware and software for the new normal and respond to the latest trends and expectations. In short, we need to give travellers concrete reasons to return.

The recently launched “Hello Hong Kong” campaign to promote tourism has faced some criticism. It’s clear that the city should project a stronger message, focusing on its unique cultural diversity, culinary richness, efficiency, safety and more. After several years of lockdowns, people crave authentic and meaningful experiences when they travel, so a compelling proposition is essential.


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