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Travelling to Hong Kong? Here's what you need to know

Starting September 26, mandatory hotel quarantine will finally end, and new arrangements for arrivals will no longer require RT-PCR tests in the airports.

Planning to enter Hong Kong? We've compiled a guide to help you with everything you need to know when entering the city, from things to prepare before you arrive at Hong Kong International Airport to all the steps you have to take as soon as you land.

Who can return to Hong Kong now? Hong Kong residents do not need to be fully vaccinated to enter the city, but only fully vaccinated non-Hong Kong residents are allowed entry. Those who cannot get vaccinated for Covid-19 due to medical reasons must have valid proof. The government allows travellers who have recently recovered from Covid-19 to enter the city if they can show proof of recovery 14 to 90 days before boarding the flight. A negative rapid antigen test result within 24 hours of boarding a flight is also required.

Will they allow entry if my visa is expiring? If you're not a permanent Hong Kong resident and travelling under a work or tourist visa, ensure your visa has a sufficient validity period, or you will be denied entry.

The Immigration Department (ImmD) provides electronic services for visa application and 'e-Visa' arrangements, allowing applicants to complete the entire process without going to the immigration office in person. Suppose your visa is under renewal and is getting delayed. It is best to send an authorised representative to the ImmD office to fix your reentry as emails and phone calls will take a long time.

Visit this "" to see ImmD online services for acquiring Hong Kong visas.


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