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The power of trust: How companies can turn the tide in turbulent times

Doctors and nurses are demotivated at this critical time because of low and delayed pay and lack of understanding among the people about the conditions in which they are working. Schools are asking teachers to work at half pay or no pay. Employees are being asked to leave for ‘performance reasons’ though everyone knows the real reason. Big foundations, especially social enterprises with big budgets, are asking young employees to leave because of the so-called change in strategy. Migrant workers are confused, unable to understand the reason why humans have turned on humans.

These days the common words I hear from people from diverse backgrounds is, “I don’t trust them anymore!”

People often ask me what trust is. And I say, trust is when a child jumps out of a bed knowing that her mother, will catch her, no matter what, and will not let her fall. Trust is why you rely on the other person completely. Trust is the core glue that binds us as a society and trust is what makes organisations great.

In today’s column, let me focus on the broken trust at the workplace. Unlike between a child and mother, trust here is not innate, you have to cultivate it. And why do you need trust at the workplace? Trust is that building block of an organization that keeps it strong. It inspires employees to give their best to the company, and collectively that culture makes an organisation do things others thought impossible.

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