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Shop for what you want using HK's $5,000 Consumption Vouchers with Mastercard via Tap & Go

Open for registration on July 4, 2021, the Government Consumption Voucher Scheme will give all eligible Hongkongers a total value of $5,000 by instalments to spend and help the city recover. Those who register online early, between July 4 and July 17, 2021 can receive their first $2,000 as early as August 1, but who exactly is eligible to receive these vouchers? Well, according to the government’s criteria, all Hong Kong residents aged 18 and above holding a valid Hong Kong Identity Card as of June 18, 2021, and dependents of permanent residents can register for the voucher scheme.

The vouchers are available through a variety of e-payment platforms and mobile wallets, including prepaid mobile payment service Tap & Go by HKT Payment Limited. Tap & Go is the first mobile wallet in Hong Kong to incorporate Mastercard, allowing greater flexibility in spending your vouchers with widespread acceptance at online stores, using Mastercard in the Tap & Go mobile wallet, and in physical stores that accept contactless payments with Mastercard via Apple Pay and Google Pay on your smartphone. A look into the future, contactless payments are the way forward, with many of us looking for less cash and more hygienic touch-free options to stay safe and healthy too.


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