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How to Use Your Breath to Manage Stress

Stress is a natural part of life and can’t be completely avoided or eliminated, but knowing how to deal with stress helps you to be in control in every situation in life.

Our daily routines are filled with small and big annoyances, and potential causes of anxiety. When we find ourselves in a “tight situation,” the natural tendency of the body is to stiffen, and the breath to become shallow or restricted. These are the hereditary responses of our survival mechanism: the fight-or-flight instinct.

The solution for situations like these is to learn to do the opposite—breathe deeply and evenly. What you want to carry with you throughout life is the clear understanding that your breath is your personal domain, and no one can enter this private space uninvited. It is the firm ground on which you can stand no matter how dangerous a situation might seem. Whatever negative circumstances we encounter, we can always draw inside, center ourselves and regulate our breath: deep, steady and free.

Here are some helpful mantras to carry in your mental toolkit and repeat silently to yourself when you face a tight situation.

  • My strength is in my breath.

  • When I control my breath, I control my life.

  • The oxygen of the whole world is available to me.

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