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How To Reinvent Your Business To Survive A Recession

Last year, when fears of an impending recession were apparent in some circles and weighing heavily on the minds of employees, I wrote an article on The Best Companies to Work For In A Recession. 

More often than not, even the best economists are usually blindsided by a recession. With the current Coronavirus pandemic and the resulting shutdown of major sectors of the economy, many countries around the globe are facing an economic slowdown and almost guaranteed recession either now or in the near future.

The pain of the dot com bubble in 2000 or the Great Financial Recession in 2008 might be things of the past, but the reality of this economic slowdown is apparent. Concerns are valid as layoffs continue to be announced across the globe, businesses clamor for whatever subsidies their governments are able to offer, and a clear solution that balances health and economic prudence remains uncertain.

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