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How Hong Kong became a 'city of malls'

If people in Hong Kong want to see some provocative art this winter, they won't necessarily head to an art gallery or museum -- they'll go to the mall.

The city's new retail complex, K11 Musea, certainly doesn't look like an ordinary shopping center.

Greenery cascades down its sinuous facades, while inside, a group of over 100 designers has delivered a bronze-hued, riotous clash of patterns and forms, including a huge geometric sphere that looms over one of the mall's atriums.

Many of the artworks displayed throughout the mall are site-specific commissions.

Opened in late August by property scion and avid art collector, Adrian Cheng, the mall is one of three dozen K11 properties set to open around China by 2024.

"My goal is to propagate culture," said Cheng, describing the K11 brand as "kind of a social responsibility to bring it from the 'top shelf' to the 'lower shelf,' so to speak, so that Chinese millennials can learn about art and culture, be inspired and acquire knowledge in a place they feel comfortable in."

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