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How Businesses Should Handle the Coronavirus Outbreak

The numbers are still growing: till date, around 93,526 cases of a coronavirus infection have been reported, far outpacing the SARS epidemic in early 2000s. Around 81  countries and territories around the world have been affected, and only 51,019 people have recovered till now.

Outside of China, daily reported cases have gone up substantially, with Italy, South Korea and Iran emerging as new hotbeds.

With coronavirus still continuing to spread across the world, we’ve put together a handy guide on best practices companies and human resources departments should follow to help their employees stay healthy and infection-free.

Effective Communication is Key

HR departments should pull together information pertaining to the coronavirus to create a ready-to-refer instructional guide for employees that not only educates them about the viral infection, but also enlists ways to avoid it.

The communication strategy should be multi-pronged and use all channels of communication available.

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