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Coronavirus: cleaning your phone more effective than wearing a face mask. Here’s how to do it

Regularly cleaning your phone and washing your hands are a better way to fight the coronavirus spread than wearing a face mask,Singapore’s health ministry said on Wednesday, after an advisory by four doctors urging people to don masks while in public went viral on WhatsApp. The advisory, dated February 10 and signed by doctors Colleen Thomas, Judy Chen, Tham Hoe Meng and Lim Pin Pin, called for Singaporeans to “wear a mask always when leaving home” and avoid mingling in public, claiming this could stop community spread of the coronavirus within two weeks.

The doctors added that those who ran out of masks should make new ones out of cloth, scarves or paper, to create a barrier of protection when interacting in close quarters with others, given that some carriers of the disease did not display symptoms of illness.

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