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Coronavirus: as Hong Kong fights fifth wave of infections, what are the latest rules on testing

The worsening fifth wave of Covid-19 infections has shredded Hong Kong’s long-standing rule book on testing, quarantine, treatment and discharge from hospitals. With the city logging a record 26,026 Covid-19 infections on Sunday, the Post breaks down the ever-changing rules amid the surge in cases.

What are the latest testing criteria?

Authorities on Friday said they would soon recognise residents who returned positive results using rapid antigen tests (RAT) as confirmed cases immediately once they registered the information with the government online.

The new website will be operational “in a few days”, according to Albert Au Ka-wing, principal medical and health officer for the Centre for Health Protection (CHP). Those who tested positive can send in their personal particulars, including their names, birth dates, ID numbers and close contact details.

Health authorities would then treat them as confirmed cases and instruct them to remain isolated. They would also send them relevant materials, such as a home quarantine notice for their family members, and deliver test kits to their residences.

While most people subject to compulsory testing can use RAT kits at home instead of lining up at community testing centres or using a specimen bottle for saliva samples, those deemed to have high exposure risk, such as workers at quarantine centres or the airport, will still be required to take a nucleic acid test.


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