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Business confidence in Hong Kong remains strong, says foreign corporate executives

Business confidence in Hong Kong remains strong, and is only going to get better, according to foreign corporate executives during an interview with Xinhua News Agency.

Richard Lancaster, CEO of CLP Holdings told the state media that Hong Kong should be one's first choice to set up an office in Asia.

He said Asia is the most dynamic region in the world, and Hong Kong is strategically located to connect all parties in the region, being highly internationalized and has the unique advantage of integrating China and abroad. The city is also an important window for the outside world to understand and enter Mainland China.

“Hong Kong has all the qualities to allow businesses to achieve great success,” said Lancaster.

He left Australia in 1992 to work in Hong Kong. Looking back on his choice, he said that it was one of the best decisions he has ever made. He quickly fell in love with this city and it has been his home ever since.

“Over the past 30 years, Hong Kong has seen its ups and downs, from the financial crisis to social unrest and most recently, the new Covid-19 pandemic, but it has survived and become more prosperous. The overall situation has been stable and it will get better in the future,” Lancaster added.

Meanwhile, Jim Thompson, Chairman and Founder of Crown Worldwide Group, has been working in Hong Kong for 55 years. He said there is no other place better than Hong Kong for setting up an overseas office.

Thompson described Hong Kong as one of the world’s finest cities, where companies for sure want to operate in such a stable environment with fairness, integrity, and safety.

“So far this year, the environment in Hong Kong is getting better and better and I hope Hong Kong could keep up with this momentum in the future,” he added.

Co-Chairman of The Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong and Macau) Gan Khai Choon echoed Thompson’s comments, saying that Hong Kong is still a very good place to live and invest in, with all market indicators showing the city can continue to prosper.

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