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  • Mike Rowse

Coronavirus outbreak: Why I refuse to queue up for masks and participate in the general panic

I have a confession to make: I have not so far worn a face mask at any time during the present outbreak of new coronavirus. Not on the MTR or buses, not in the coffee shop where I get my daily brew, not in the fast food establishment where once a week I indulge in a happy meal.

What has led me to this apparently radical (or foolhardy if you prefer) decision? Well, I tried to analyse the situation based on scientific facts, rather than hysteria, and to put those facts in perspective.

If you have symptoms of a cold or the flu (coughing, sneezing or fever), which are similar to those of the virus, stay at home until you have recovered. If you must venture out, either because of urgent business or the need to consult a doctor, then wear a mask so as not to infect others.

In short, the face mask is to protect other people from the illness you are carrying. Many of the masks on sale here do very little to protect you from picking up the virus from someone else. Most experts seem to agree that the best thing to do whether you feel unwell or not is to frequently wash your hands.

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