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  • Jesse Lyn Stoner

The 9 Essential Leadership Strategies in The Age of Information

Once upon a time, in a land called Industrial Age, the leaders of organizations resided at the top of a hierarchy, managers were in the middle, and workers were supervised.

It was the job of leaders to do the important thinking and the job of managers and supervisors to make sure it was implemented.

Because no one cared what the managers, supervisors and workers thought, many of them parked their brains at the door as they came to work.

Others only used part of their brains, limiting their focus to implementation without regard for the impact on the larger organization.

Eventually the companies became gunked up. They were not healthy places for people. and their long-term results did not reach their potential.

Because their life spans were short compared to the time span of their universe, they had never lived in a different Age, and most of them couldn’t imagine that things could or should be different. They did not see that changes were beginning to transform the fundamentals of their Industrial Age.

Courtesy :Seapoint Centre

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