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  • Ryan Robinson

5 Ways To Reach Peak Performance As An Entrepreneur In The New Year

There’s an old adage about what it’s like running your own business—you only have to work half a day, and you get to choose which 12 hours they are. While the work load often comes in waves, anyone who’s tried their hand at entrepreneurship can attest to the truth of that statement.

It can be surprising for an ill-prepared entrepreneur when they find out just how much work actually goes into getting a business up and running. Many might not be able to manage the additional workload and stress that comes along with being responsible for your own income each month.

With an estimated 50% of businesses failing in the first five years, a lot of those failings can be attributed to mistakes by founders. Things like not having a sustainable business model, the wrong go-to-market plan, or not accurately anticipating cash flow needs often find their roots in overloaded and overstressed founders that unintentionally let the wrong things slide.

If you want to be a peak performer and focus on what’s most important for your business, you’ll need to build strong habits and take advantage of the tools you have at hand. To shed some more light on this topic, I recently spoke with Sam Taggart, founder of the D2D Experts, to gather some of his recommendations for achieving maximum productivity as an entrepreneur.

Courtesy : Forbes

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