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How to Stimulate Consumer Interest through Content Marketing

Competitive businesses today are terrified by the prospect of exhausting their consumer bases – and this exhaustion has the potential to hit much sooner than what you might anticipate. Relatively modern forms of businesses in the online world make an effort to retain their customers by sending out discounts, special offers, or loyalty programs for them to avail. If you notice a trend of purchases in the same neighbourhood, by the same customers, and foresee a stagnating position for your business, content marketing can be seen as an innovative step ahead.

In a survey conducted by, it was found that 69 per cent of the Middle East’s marketers claim content marketing to be very important for their respective businesses, while 31 per cent from among those stating that more than half of their marketing budget is accounted to the task. Given the nature of content marketing (how it appeals to the customers, not to the product), you can understand why it may be the next step for your organisation to take.

The following aspects highlight how you can use content marketing in efficient ways to improve the outreach, and consequently, the overall sales and profits in your business:

1. Assistance over Force

Your business may be using the repeated tactics of giving customer benefits and just praising your own product, which you know is readily available by other brands as well. Pause and think of your strategy from a consumer’s point of view; it acts as bribery in a way, not subtle persuasion.

Through content marketing your focus will primarily be on highlighting common problems that potential purchasers face as a result of the absence of your product, or an outdated version from some other company, in their households/offices. Whether you opt for blog posts, case studies, podcasts, or promotional videos, do not ignore the need for making the content relatable to the average consumer.

By updating your marketing media regularly, attracted followers will have more reasons to trust your product, and may potentially engage in indirect word-of-mouth marketing on your behalf.

2. Multiple Media

The Content Marketing Institute of the UBM Technology Group headquartered in California conducted a research in 2018 in North America, and found out that case studies, in-person events, and webinars contributed 40 per cent, 32 per cent, and 17 per cent respectively to the content marketing-based purchasing stage of consumers for businesses. These statistics show that it is important to use the power of an academic audience and the online world to bring your product into a new light.

Depending on your target market, invest generously in creating interactive content for potential buyers. It is important to highlight that in content marketing, the readers/viewers are not looking for a general description of the product, since that will never set your pitch apart from those you compete with. The idea is to sift through heaps of information and provide your customers with rational reasons as to why it is important to keep up with your products and business.

3. Invest in a Content Team

At some point it may seem like there are only certain ways in which you can uphold your product as a need for your audience, and once they are out in the open, your content marketing will die out. You will, however, be surprised at how content creation teams will assist you in looking at dimensions that you could explore directly.

Examples of this innovation include how these teams propose partnerships of your business with other complementary ones in town to engage a wider audience, and their experience in filtering out markets for you which can afford certain categories of services that you offer. What they produce has the potential to engage with the desired audience.

This team can comprise of freelancers, full time employees as designers, writers, and film-makers in your own organisation, and outsourced institutes offering expertise in these areas.

4. Show Consistency

Joe Barton from Barton Publishing has stated that content marketing is a ‘long term strategy’ and needs to be pursued patiently and with diversity to produce the best results.

The truth in these words can be understood by keeping track of the traffic that your social media and blog posts are dealing with on a daily basis, and how much of that is returning traffic. These are indicators of having a regular audience, and as a business owner you need to consistently provide them with new material relating to your services that they can hold on to.

Trouble with a long-term strategy is that businesses start to feel as if the investment is wasted, and they withdraw funds from the content creation front. However, potential consumers will only begin to accept regularity of content once it is delivered by your business, so keep up with new ideas and the market with patience.


Content marketing proposes a cognitive solution to the problem of wearing out marketing strategies, and utilises the potential of the online community to its fullest. While the chances of content marketing may be unsuited for some types of businesses (such as those with no online sales) exist, it may be your key to unlocking better outreach for your organisation.

Courtesy : Entrepreneur

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