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Indians are the most hard-working employees in the world, reveals a global study

India is the most hard-working country!

Would you work for five days a week even if you had a choice to work for fewer days and draw the same salary? If your answer is yes, you are among the 69 per cent full-time Indian employees who are willing to work five days a week. A recent survey done by Kronos Incoporated, an international workforce management company reveals that India is the hardest working country. Here are other insightful revelations of this survey done in the US, Canada, Germany, Mexico, France, Australia and the UK.

What about other countries?

India was closely followed by Mexico where 43 per cent workers were satisfied with a five-day working schedule. The other countries were the US at 27 per cent, Australia at 19 per cent and France at 17 per cent.

Working four days a week

If the salary remained the same, 34 per cent of the global workers (one-third) would opt to work four days a week and 20 per cent would prefer to work for three days a week. Also, 35 per cent of the participants were willing to take 20 per cent pay cut if they were given the option to work a day less every week.

Country wise statistics

The statistics varied from country to country. 50 per cent of employees in Mexico, 43 per cent in India and 42 per cent in France were comfortable with getting their salary deducted for working fewer numbers of days. However, only 29 per cent in Canada and 24 per cent in the US would prefer the same arrangement.

Workers who clock more than 40 hours a week

When it came to working more than 40 hours every week, the US topped the list with whopping 49 per cent of the participants slogging overtime. They were followed by India (44 per cent), Mexico (40 per cent) and Germany (38 per cent).

Does your work interfere with your personal life?

Interestingly, 75 per cent of the participants said they had enough time in the workday to complete their major tasks but, on the other hand, 71 per cent also claimed that their work interfered with their personal life. Also, every two in five participants worked more than 40 hours a week.

​Another finding

Even though the workers in Australia and the UK were not working for the most number of hours but they claimed that they did not get sufficient time in the day to complete their work. Maybe, this survey would explain to them the logical reason.

Courtesy : Entertainment Times

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