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Shipping Documentation

Hong Kong was the world’s 10th largest trading economy in 2022 with international trade immensely facilitated by its efficient port amid a strong presence of ship owners, cargo owners and traders.

To make sure your products get to their destination without delay, it’s essential to get your paperwork and shipping documentation right. Exploiting the opportunities that international trade offers is exciting, but it is also a more complex process you will need to familiarize yourself with how trade is conducted in other countries with different business practices, cultures, customs and currencies. Success depends on developing a robust export/import strategy, thorough market research. We can help you with it and can even represent you. We can act as your seamless branch office and will make all the documentation on your behalf as per your instruction. It can help expand your business in a very cost-effective way.


Also, we can help you switch bill of lading.


Our services include:


  • Booking of shipping space with freight forwarders

  • Application for certificates of origin, import and export licenses

  • Arrangement of cargo insurance

  • Preparation of invoice and shipping documents

  • Filing import and export declarations

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