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Your Setbacks During COVID-19 Will Fuel Your Success Tomorrow

If there’s a single word for how this coronavirus crisis feels, it’s this: interrupted.

Our lives are interrupted. Our businesses are interrupted. Our plans have become meaningless. It’s hard to imagine exactly how we’ll recover.

But I want you to know something: Interruptions aren’t endings. They’re the start of something new — and if you embrace the change, the next thing will be even better.

I was reminded of this recently, as I read my colleague Terry Rice’s tale of being laid off during the recession. Things got bad. Bills were overdue, and his electricity was turned off. But he used his downtime well. He took classes on digital marketing and remade himself into an expert. It led to the career he has now — one that’s infinitely better than the one he had before.

Every entrepreneur has a story like this, and I’ve heard so many of them in the past few weeks. They launched their business after being laid off, or after quitting, or after their prior company crashed and burned. “I would never have started what has been a dream come true without being fired,” former TV news anchor Kate Sullivan told me. She produces and hosts a show called To Dine For. “Now I love every second of what I do.”

I have a similar story, in fact. I began my career as a small-town newspaper reporter, and although I hated the work, I stuck with it. I didn’t know what else to do! Then, one day, I arrived to find a letter from my boss. “I am giving you two weeks to prove to me that you will be an asset to the newspaper,” he wrote, “and not the detriment and drag on the newsroom that you have become.”

I’ve kept this letter for the past 17 years. Want to see it? Look!

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