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Top 3 Must-Haves in Your Post-Pandemic Playbook

We have seen unprecedented change unfold right before our eyes over the last several months. Our ideas of a world shaped by certainty have been shaken, and notions of stable business, streamlined operations and competitive pricing models have been shattered. Amidst the chaos is an incredible opportunity, an opportunity to reflect upon what the world needs and what you can offer. As an entrepreneur myself, I truly believe that we have an innate responsibility to help our clients and customers arrive at their best results and expectations. Some of the lessons I have learned this year have been harsh, and ones I will never forget. I have also observed the breakthroughs some organizations have been able to create and reflected upon what has always worked. Here are my recommendations on what the new rules of the game are and how you can differentiate yourself as the post-pandemic marketplace continues to evolve.

1. Explore new models of engagement

Our world has permanently changed the way we interact with each other. Buying, thinking and planning patterns for anyone — businesses, organizations and consumers — have changed and shifted. Evidence suggests that video will become a much higher medium of engagement than ever before, including on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on platforms like YouTube or even your personal website. Whether you are a small law firm in Nashville or a takeout place in Southern California, video engagement dramatically changes how your audiences perceive your services and engages with you. Start with a strategy to identify where your customer base spends maximum time. If you are a consumer-facing business, it is probably Instagram or Facebook. If you are a law firm, perhaps LinkedIn and Twitter. Second, start creating video for these platforms with strategic messaging focused on what you offer and how that solves the customers' problems. 

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