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Great Leaders Are Confident, Connected, Committed, and Courageous

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Nowadays, all business talks revolve around entrepreneurship and, consequently, leadership skills and techniques. It seems that the human race is on the right track with these mandatory skill sets.

Leadership is one of the hottest topics in every field, from educational institutions, over great corporations, and the world’s leaders.

Leadership is finally seen as a mandatory skill for success and necessary characteristic for a prosperous future.

Finally, leadership is accepted on a daily level for numerous activities. Moreover, it’s seen everywhere: from helping the elderly crossing the streets to leading the employees to innovations and reaching their fullest potential.

Many still argue is true leaders are born, or they can be created. Naturally, many claim that true leaders are born, while others claim that leaders can be made by putting ‘potential leaders’ in a challenging situation. From those situations, they will raise and reach true leadership potential. Therefore, some people can be true leaders without even knowing that they are.

Although scientists and business leaders will continue giving the best possible answer to this question (whether leaders can be created or not), the practice gave the world an easy to follow formula on how to recognize leaders.

Therefore, today’s leaders are confident, connected, committed, and courageous. Each trait leads to the following one, and they can’t indeed exist without each other. But, how do they really co-exist, and how are they recognized in practice?

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