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  • Tamara Alaveras

5 Ways Marketing will Change in 2020

With a new year (and decade!), we can all expect to see new marketing trends on the rise and being crucial to a companies and brands’ success. As a marketing professional, and one that loves to dive headfirst into all the content around marketing possible, I’ve deciphered what the 5 biggest trends of 2020 are shaping up to be.

Now, I’m no fortune teller with a crystal ball, but I am a huge fan of data and research, and the facts and figures are in the favour of these forecasts.

Consumer Mindset Shifting Towards Privacy Concerns, Social Responsibility and the Digital World

Every year sees massive shifts in consumer mindsets: what we care about, how and why. With technology on the rise, the planet warming and political divisiveness more intense than ever before, expect more concerns around privacy and greater care for social responsibility.

Companies should expect to receive ongoing questions from their consumers around data privacy as they seek reassurance, especially around their data use. As McAfee’s global survey reported, 43 per cent of consumers feel they lack control over their personal information and 33 per cent are unsure they can control how companies collect that information. This isn’t especially surprising considering mammoth corporations such as Facebook, Google, Optus and NAB experienced data breaches in the last two years.

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