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A Marshall Islands offshore company is a very flexible, tax free structure, with few restrictions on the business that the company can engage in.


The Marshall Islands is one of the few jurisdictions where the offshore company can be taken public; can raise capital from the public; carry out limited third party trading of securities, act as an investment advisor; invest funds for other people, and so on. It can carry out virtually any legal business activity, except banking, insurance, trust and online gaming.


The names require licensing to be used are: bank, charity, establishment, foundation, insurance, partnership, trust, assurance or re-insurance. Any name which is identical or similar to an existing Marshall Islands company cannot be used.


-  Simple registration and maintenance

-  Virtually unsurpassed confidentiality. Confidentiality surpassing that available in most jurisdicitons

-  Chinese company names and Chinese M&As are allowed

-  Director and shareholder information is not publicly filed

-  No requirement for disclosure of beneficial owners to the government

-  All non-resident domestic Marshall Islands entities are statutorily exempt from taxes

-  Corporations are easy to maintain and administer

-  No requirements for annual filings.

-  Low costs

-  The Marshall Islands has no tax information exchange treaties and refuses to corporate with the OECD on information exchange.

-  No audited accounts or annual returns are required to be provided to the Government.

-  A politically stable jurisdiction

-  Access to open corporate bank accounts in Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai

-  No required disclosure or filing of shareholders or directors for confidentiality of beneficial owners

-  No disclosure of beneficial owners

-  Bearer shares allowed


Corporate Structure requirements in Marshall Islands, please click here.


Please click here for the fees structure related to Marshall Islands Incorporated Companies.

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