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Banking Documentation

As global trade continues to grow, the benefits to businesses are immense. New markets and new opportunities emerge all around the world and companies are doing business in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa. However, potential pitfalls and obstacles exist. In many countries, banking and financial rules and regulations are still in development, supply chains lack transparency and cultural and linguistic differences often make communication difficult. That is why it is valuable to have an experienced partner to help you with the management and coordination of your trading activities overseas. We will gladly assist you wherever your business needs to go. We will handle all the tedious and complex documentation and leave you hassle-free.

Our services include:


·       Handling day to day banking operations

·       Management of Receipts and Payments

·       Managing and reviewing banking facilities

·       Reviewing the terms of documentary credits

·       Handling import LC, transfer LC and back-to-back LC applications

·       Preparation of banking documents for payments under LC, DA and DP terms

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