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Bank Account Opening

Nowadays company can select from several international and local banks for opening a corporate account in Hong Kong. Majority of the corporates looks for banks that can provide them excellent cash management facilities, Internet banking, trade financing and loans facilities.

Banks need to comply with the local requirements as well as requirements or standards mandated by their head offices or overseas authorities. The account opening requirements of these banks may therefore vary. We will be providing guidance on the choice of bank for your Hong Kong company helping you to select a bank in Hong Kong or overseas that is best aligned with your intended business activities.


Once you have selected a bank we will assist you with your account opening. We will not only provide an overview of the regulations applicable to opening a company bank account but also a list of the information and documents you should expect to provide to the banks when applying to open a bank account.


Majority of directors, all authorized signatories and shareholders that own more than 10% of shares of the company should be present at time of account opening with their passports and current residential address proof. Account cannot be opened at overseas branch of the bank or by video conferencing.

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