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Accounting and Finance

Accounting can comprehensively reflect the financial status and monitors the economic activities of a company. It helps to organize the business which can further help in cost reduction and planning future strategy.

According to the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, Cap 32, s.121(1), each Hong Kong company with limited liability shall maintain the company’s book and transaction records.

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience. With our team of accounts professional, we can take care of the accounting daily activities of your offices all over the world. As a rule, we have high standards and confidentiality, and we believe in absolute thoroughness to make sure we leave no room for error.

Our services include

  • Keeping books and records

  • Invoicing and debt collection

  • Debt recovery

  • Contract management

  • Accounts payable (including automated workflow for client’s approval)

  • Payroll and other employee expenses

  • Cost Control

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